The coaching process

1. Chemistry

Do we fit? We set up an initial conversation to figure out if we are compatible. You want to know if my style matches your needs and I want to make sure you see this as an investment – one of the best – you make in yourself.

2. Agreement

We start at the end: What is the impact you want to make? And then we work backwards starting with self-awareness and your leadership brand. We also work with your supervisor to determine the goals of the coaching. This is critical – my coaching is outcomes-driven, and that can’t happen successfully without the right goals in place.

3. Assessment

When you start working with me with an intent to change and make improvements, we need to measure your ability and skill level at the outset. This is how we will design goals and build your development plan. I’ll use the EQi (Emotional Intelligence) assessment to help you gain insight into the emotional and social skills that are predictors of success in life and work.

4. Crush Your Plan

We’ll have feedback from your colleagues and a personalized development plan in place, you and I will work through the strategy. We meet regularly to discuss challenges, best practices, and successes, and I’ll help you identify and understand patterns, as well as focus on opportunities for improvement. At the midpoint of the partnership, we once again assess your progress through a meeting with your supervisor and course-correct – if needed. When our engagement is coming to an end, you, your supervisor, and I review the progress and identify any next steps necessary to continue your growth to ensure a long-term positive impact.

Need further insight into how the process works?

I can guide you step by step with additional details as to what to expect by leveraging my services. Simply submit your inquiry and I’ll get back with you.

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